Protecting your house during the winter time is a matter of proactive maintenance. If the weather outside is out of control, it is common for your boiler to freeze when people do not want to deal with it. However, professional boiler repair in Plymouth is available even when you are busy.

The bustling pipes and freezing boilers are too depressing, and in a few cases, the problems are caused by situations that can only be fixed by a professional. However, some options are available to resolve these issues as soon as they happen.

How You Can Handle Frozen Boilers and Bustling Pipes?

  • Preparing For The Worst Situation:

One of the best ways to fix a frozen or burst pipe is to avoid it in the first place. You need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to ensure that the damage in boilers is limited, localised, and not spreading.

The first step in the preparation is to know where the stopcock is in your home. You can immediately turn off the water supply in case there is an emergency in the home. Get your boiler serviced, and ensure you have the plumber’s number so you can contact him anytime.

  • What Can You Fix?

The major issue that emerges from the freezing weather that homeowners can fix is the frozen pipes. They are mainly found in uninsulated roofs or outside the house. You must immediately remove the burst pipe by turning off the boiler and water supply from the stopcock. If the burst pipe is close to the electrical fittings, you must switch off electrical points at the mains to avoid further critical situations.

You can put towels near the leakage area to avoid permanent damage to your walls and carpets. You can also use the plumber’s tape to seal the leak temporarily. But it is not a permanent remedy. On the other hand, frozen pipes are easy to fix and diagnose. There is a slow flush if water is not coming from the pipes. Chances are there that pipes in the system are frozen.

No matter what issues you face with the pipes or boiler, you need to hire a professional who offers specialised boiler repair in your area. At PJ Plumbing And Heating, you will have a team of experts who deliver the best boiler repair services. If you want to know more, get in touch with us now.